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Finding a user doesn't remember the filter when going back

On stackoverflow if I click on users i have the option to type in a user name. Lets say I type in Michael and it gives me a list of all users with Michael in them. If I click on a random person and then think to myself nope this isn't the right michael so I go back to the screen (using the back button). The textbox loses the value Michael and I have to type it in again.

So I type it in again and find another random michael...whoops wrong michael but instead of clicking back maybe I should just click the "Users" tab again (maybe it was just some silly javascript bug when clicking the back button). Nope still users textbox gets cleared away.

Possible problem? Maybe not... possible annoyance definately.

Could we have the textbox "remember" what we had typed in case there are hundreds of michaels and we are clicking to find the right one.

Here's my picaso screen shot:

enter image description here

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  • I guess [Ctrl] / [Shift] + Click or Middle Click doesn't cut it? – Time Traveling Bobby Nov 7 '11 at 15:25