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New “[tag:” syntax interferes with Markdown links

[tag:foo] [a hyperlink][1]

Results in; [a hyperlink]1


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a hyperlink

It works if you use two spaces in between. o.o It has to do with links following the criteria [alt_text] [link_name] (with the space between) as well. It's likely looking at [tag:foo] [a hyperlink] first and saying a hyperlink is not a valid anchor from the list, so not rendering.

It seems that when there is a series of three bracketed pieces of text, it will always connect the first two. For example, [tag:foo] [1] [1] will produce:

tag:foo 1

It looks at [tag:foo] [1] and [1] as separate links. So in the exmaple provided, it's looking at [tag:foo] [a hyperlink] as the first link, which is invalid, and [1] as the second link.

Likely they are calling their function to parse [tag:*] elements after they are calling their function to parse anchors, when it should be called before, or possibly the anchors parser should not match to link names which start with tag:.


Hm, interesting bug. In the meantime an inline link seems to work:

[tag:foo] [a hyperlink](http://google.com)

Results in; a hyperlink


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