Not a huge issue, but I just noticed that the page title for /review is always <title>Review New User Posts - Stack Overflow</title> (except for the "Suggested Edits" tab, which has a correct title of "Review Post Edit Suggestions").

The current title (kind of) makes sense for the "First Answers" and "First Questions" tabs. I understand the reasoning for calling these "New User Posts" as I'm sure a vast majority of them are from new users, but to play devils advocate, a users first answer/question can come weeks/months/years after they are "new".

The "Low Quality" and "Late Answers" tabs, however, contain more seasoned users' posts then new users' posts (I have no proof of these numbers, it just seemed that way during my ~2500 reviews), so those page titles may need some lovin.

My suggestion (if it matters) is to just use the tab name (<title>Review [tab_name] - Stack Overflow</title>):


Fixed, to be deployed later.

Also fixed the last place we call "Suggested Edits" - "Edit Suggestions" ... good riddance.

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