I realize this isn't directly computer related, but I've ONLY seen this done on computer forums/message boards/comments. I see that some people write "Captcha: something xyz", as an example, after they write their post. What is this for?

I understand what a captcha is, but I do not understand why you need to put it in your post. Please explain!

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It's just a meme, and arguably a pretty dumb one.


It's just a bit of fun usually to note an odd combination that has occurred. The Stack Overflow blog post Are you a human being? is an example of why.

  • Ah, the one post I never bothered to read. – Joe Phillips Jul 30 '09 at 23:01

Sometimes people will put it in the post when it is related to the content they are replying to or somehow funny. You see this a lot on TheDailyWTF because they for some reason they seem to have more related and funny capchas than other sites.

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