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Should I remove tags which don't seem appropriate?
When are question tags irrelevant and should be removed?

Consider this question:

What are reasonable underlying implementations of virtual or dynamic dispatch?

The user added tags C++, Java, and C# to his language neutral question, simply to get followers of those tags to look at his question.

Is this reasonable or should such tags be nuked?


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Whether or not it is appropriate is a judgment call in some cases, but perhaps the useful question to ask is:

Would someone following this tag be interested in this question?

If yes, then the tag is fine.

If no, remove it.

  • Perhaps we need a tag named 'meta-language' or something that describes the fact you need advice on the best way to do something, but need help deciding which technique. It could even be 'meta-language-C-like' and 'meta-language-script-like'. Perhaps there's something out there like this already.....just a thought.
    – Pete855217
    Nov 24, 2011 at 9:38

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