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Do old usernames stick to CW posts by design?

This answer and this answer are from the same user. Why are the answers showing a different user name?

The first answer shows "Martin York", and the second answer shows "Loki Astari".


Here we go, took a while for me to find something. The actualy question I was after was a screenshot showing an Adam Davis/Pollyanna CWiki'd question, but as the question below has an answer from Jeff it's probably better.

In this question this is actually . Granted, this is from April 2010 but I don't think this has changed.

EDIT: Scratch that. The answer from Popular Demand shows the edit history I was after. See, some answers show "Adam Davis" and some show "Pollyanna". Don't know if this is still though.


This might be a bug with is a feature of community-wiki posts.

  1. There are currently no users named "Martin York".

  2. According to this post,  user 14065 was called "Martin York", circa August 2009:

    Martin York, name history

  3. Now user 14065 is called "Loki Astari".

So, I'd guess that user 14065 changed his name1 sometime in the last 2 years (that CW answer was started Oct 27 '08), and that the community-wiki page has either a display bug or a nostalgic bent. ;)

See "Do old usernames stick to CW posts by design?".

1 My condolences if poor Mr. York was eaten by this Loki (a name synonymous with trouble) and only exists as a host for Mr. Astari. (^_^)

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