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Should I ask questions I already know the answer to and answer them myself?
Should I not answer my own questions?

I think I just discovered a small feature in Eclipse that I hadn't heard about before, that I think is pretty useful. I have read a good amount of blogs on using Eclipse efficiently, but I never came across this thing. Now I want to let other people know/give back to community since I benefit a lot from random things posted online.

What is the best way to go about this? I know I could keep a blog, but getting people to follow and read it would be a lot of work, especially since I don't discover much :) The obvious answer in my mind was to ask a question on Stack Overflow and answer it myself. Is that ever a good option? Any other suggestions?

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Setting up your own blog and posting it there is a good way to so, or emailing a renown blogger asking him to blog about it may be an alternative.

What you are suggesting is absolutely fine (ask a question and answer it), though one has to wonder about how many eyeballs it will end up getting.


This is a good example of why there should be a Stack Overflow Community Blog. Many of the other SE sites have their own blogs for this sort of thing; why shouldn't SO?

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