I've noticed that Community is earning reputation from accepting answers:

enter image description here

Digging a little deeper, I realized all these posts have been migrated from some other SE site. So it looks like instead of having the OP earning +2 from the accept, Community gets it. For example:

This question was accepted presumably some time after it was answered, ie: after Nov 25th. But if you look at the OP's reputation tab they don't seem to be getting the +2 accept bonus. Community is getting it instead.

PS: I noticed a pattern of closing questions related to Community earning reputation being closed as a dupe of this question, but I think this is different.


This is intentional, if the user doesn't exist when rep-changing content is migrated, it's assigned to community, so the other end of the change has no issues. This is also true for bounties when a user is deleted, etc.

If and when a user registers on the destination site most rep-related things are properly assigned to them on first login, this doesn't include all items though.

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    Can't this be fixed by checking whether or not the user exists in the target site and then giving them reputation? I mean, it's already done with upvotes, why are accepts any different? – NullUserException อ_อ Nov 29 '11 at 1:30

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