I wanted to put in one of the questions I edited. When I typed "error-" there is in the suggestion box as expected, but there is also , which is a synonym to (as one can see on the screenshot attached).

When I select and click "learn-more" it opens 36 questions tagged with it (I guess it was made a synonym to but somehow questions were not retagged).
Now when I click about to open tag wiki, it redirects me to https://stackoverflow.com/tags/error-message/info instead.

So what's going on there? Synonym [error-messages] -> [error-message] seems to work fine, but why is displayed in the suggestion box? It looks like a bug to me. Is it?

error-messages tag

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I think what happened here was that the tags was synonymized but not merged, so still existed but all new uses of it would redirect to .

I merged into . The tag pages are cached, so it might take a bit before you see a change there, but already no longer shows up as a separate choice when tagging and any attempt to use it will redirect to .

  • Thanks, looks better now. – Idolon Nov 30 '11 at 15:43

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