Steps to Replicate

  1. Create a new Stack Overflow account, Test A, using OpenID.SE with the email jeremy+test+a@jeremybanks.ca.

  2. Create a new Programmers.SE account, Test B, using OpenID.SE with the email jeremy+test+b@jeremybanks.ca.)

  3. Attempt to add the OpenID.SE login with the email jeremy+test+b@jeremybanks.ca to the Stack Overflow account Test A.

Expected Result

The user would be prompted to merge the two Stack Exchange accounts or an error message would be displayed.

Actual Result

The user is redirected as though the login was added successfully, but it is not actually added.


This has been fixed. Such accounts are now merged. The first time I tried, it took a few minutes for the merge to take effect. In the meanwhile one of the accounts' "my logins" popup displayed a 404 error:

The accounts were merged instantly the second time I tried.

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  • This simply does not work for me. And I only have a single Google account. I log in using Yahoo and try to add a Google login and it seems to silently succeed but then "my logins" never shows it. – Jesse Slicer Sep 26 '14 at 5:58

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