While browsing the unpopular end of https://stackoverflow.com/tags?tab=popular to see if there were any tags that probably shouldn't be, I was shocked that was empty. Surely there are lots of questions on there about zombie processes, right?

And of course there are, but they're tagged as which is a synonym of.

Could the display in /tags be changed to better handle synonyms?

Some alternatives:

  • Suppress display of synonyms altogether; searching displays the master tag as when tagging questions. (Problem because it's useful to also have a straight textual search for tags instead of being second-guessed.)
  • Display synonyms on equal footing as the master tag; and both have × 49 displayed next to them. (Probably too confusing if both are visible.)
  • Add some other indicator that slave tags are synonyms, e.g., (s).
  • Sort by popularity then synonymy; this would be less of a problem in /tags if all the synonyms were clumped together, though without an indicator it might be confusing at the intersection point.

Other ideas?


A good solution could be an option to filter tag-synonyms on the tag page. I think a simple hide/show checkbox would work fairly well.

Mockup for "Hide tag synonyms" checkbox

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