Is it valid that the same person asks slightly modified versions of the same question? 1, 2, 3

Wouldn't be better to edit the original question to get more accurate responses?

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You're correct, and you (or others) could compile the content of the questions into a single definitive question, time permitting. But whether you do that or not, find the earliest (or most appropriate / descriptive) and flag the others (as duplicates, so the 'original' is easily traceable) to be closed - a polite message informing the user of their misuse wouldn't go amiss (well, it might to the user, but it's nice to be nice.)


Is it valid that the same person asks slighly modified versions of the same question?

If the question is just a slightly changed version of an existing question, then it is a duplicate. In the specific case, the questions were the same; what changed is how the questions were phrased.

The OP should probably offer a bounty, if he wants to get an answer that better suits his needs. It still too early to offer a bounty, though, as he asked the first question 6 hours ago (and asked 2 duplicates in 5 hours).

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