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Tag-badges exploit

After looking at some other users' profiles, I assume that badges can be earned for upvoted answers in each versioned tag, rather than somehow summing them all together.

If so, then, one the one hand, I suppose this provides more opportunity for earning badges; however, on the other hand, it can sometimes make it much harder to earn badges for tags with relatively low traffic and several versions.

I suppose if this was a real concern, a user could improve their scores by editing the tags on all the questions they'd answered so that all the relevant versioned tags were always included.

But could such selective editing be considered as gaming the system?


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If the edit is accurate and is not removing relevant information (say another tag that is as or more relevant) I see this as a benign thing. It makes the question better and easier to find when searching, so improves the site, so in that light - a bonus.

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