Currently the "Bookmark a conversation" feature is great. It provides just what a user needs in a busy chat room; get in, get the important stuff from the bookmarks and get out.

Though sometimes, these bookmarked conversations have a lot of extra stuffing in it. Chit Chat. Sometimes 100-300 messages is a lot to scroll through in chat.

So is it possible to get an abridged "Bookmark a conversation" feature such that one can mark messages selectively to put into a bookmarked conversation? This is similar to how a summary of a SE Podcast occurs in blog.stackoverflow.com. You get the points from there a lot faster than reading through the bookmark (yes I realize the Podcast is not a good example because Joel and Alex talks).

Podcast Room

For example in the above it would be great to deselect some of the messages before saving it in the bookmarks.

Basically a bookmark feature to get all the meat but none of the fat.

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