I don't know if this is by design or not, but Stack Exchange accepts basic HTML in almost every thing you can write. I found out that I had a < strike > tag in my "Bio" and that isn't properly displayed in the "hover popup".

Here's the text I have when I edit my profile:

I use Apple hardware and Mac OS X since the age of dawn but work doing <strike>C#.NET Windows Programming inside VMWare/Parallels</strike> Android development using Eclipse and the Android SDK. 

And this is how it looks:

enter image description here

The Strike tag is ignored.

Of course it's not ignored in the profile page.

Shall I remove that or is this a bug (or a feature)?


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This is by design we support very limited markup in the summary; if you want the summary to have different text, we allow you to do that. Strike-through is a prime example for that functionality.


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