I am seeing this type of comment every now and then when any user or say New User have posted a question. recenltly seen in This Question

Here there is a comment and You can see that comment got upvote and the Question got downvote..Why? I don't see any valid reason..cause in that case The user have asked only 2 Question.

Yes it's true that while answering to any question one would see to the Accept Rate and some time get disappoint with low accept rate of user.

But According to a new SO user..when he/she gets comment like this rather than any related answer or related comment,becomes disappointment for asker.

My Questions are : 1) One should really comment like this?(yes if user is new..might be not aware to the feature but if the user have only asked 2-3 questions then?)

2) Don't you think this type of comments disappoint the user who is stuck in a problem and finiding solution.

3) Giving down-votes to the question whoes user has low accept rate..what's the point in that?


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I nuked the comment* =) The user has to ask at least 4 questions to even have an accept rate!

Putting comments like that, without a link to the post on here about accept rate, is not helpful in any way. Many new users won't even understand what it means without any context.

So in answer to your questions:

  1. Sometimes, but always be respectful. See this post for a good explanation.
  2. Sure it's disappointing. Especially if they don't understand these off-topic, out-of-context references to "Accept Rate".
  3. From the post I referenced in 1,

    NO, it is not appropriate to change your behaviour because of some user's acceptance rate.

*One flag on a comment about "Accept Rate" will usually delete it automatically (reference)

  • Useful to who don't even know : The user has to ask at least 4 questions to even have an accept rate..yes One should pass the link for what is accept rate!
    – Angelica
    Dec 15, 2011 at 4:31

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