The search tips page on Area 51 says, under "Advanced Super Ninja Search Options":

proposals that have been closed      closed:1 apples oranges
(or not)                             closed:0 apples oranges

However when I actually search for it, closed:1 does absolutely nothing useful. None of the proposals returned are closed. I have better luck using closed:0, but it still returns a mix of all kinds of proposals.

It seems like there's some broken logic somewhere, because if I search using a nonexistent parameter like apples:0 or apples:1 it doesn't return anything.


Searching for closed proposal works for me.


The only difference seems to be with unexacting options, for which Stack Overflow uses to search content.


"apples:1" is not understood as search option, and the result page reports, "posts containing 'apples:1'."

The same doesn't happen on Area 51, even searching for "office:1" when there are at least two proposals containing the word "office"; it could mean there aren't proposal containing office and 1, but still, it doesn't seem as Stack Overflow search works.


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