Suppose there is a question tagged both with Java (favorite tag) and Algorithm (ignored tag, don't show it option). What would be the SO behaviour? Would I still see the question (preferred way to go) or would it be hidden?
PS. I found this question but it doesn't answer mine - there are just people preferences.


Both effects will be applied at the same time, which means you'll get a dimmed post with a different background color.

It's easy to test this yourself, by the way. I could verify this from your question by temporarily putting in my favorite tags and in my ignored tags.

  • Easy to test indeed, thanks for getting me out of the dark ;)
    – matino
    Dec 17 '11 at 18:00

This question came up over at rpg.meta.se, so the image below is taken from rpg.se.

Ignored tags set to be greyed out

In this image I have the four possible states in this order: Watched and Ignored, Ignored, Default, Watched: enter image description here

A post with a watched tag and an ingored tag gets greyed out by ignore and gets the highlighting for watched.

Ignored tags set to be hidden

If you have ignored a tag and set to hide questions with that tag, then the question does not appear at all, even if it is also tagged with a tag you are watching.

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