Mr. Community♦'s profile occasionally shows negative reputation for bounties.
However, I cannot find any link or reason for the negative reputation. The Bounty tab does not show any relevant activity eitherI can see deleted posts as well..

Question: What is the cause of the negative reputation change, marked as Bounty at the reputation tab?
Reputation tab

Section 2: Feature request

Community♦ also owns suggested edits by anonymous users. The author may not know about the community user, and This feature is not mentioned at his profile.

Suggestion: Extend Community's profile:
  •   Add another list item: Own edits of unregistered users.
  •   Add a link to the meta question: FAQ: Who is the Community user?.

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The -500 on Nov 28 is due to the +500 bounty on this question, as you can see in the revisions it was started in the same time of the -500 in the profile. (Reputation is reduced when the bounty is started, not awarded)

It was most probably started by the question author who had his account deleted for some reason thus removing the bounty "reference" to the community user.

The missing link to the relevant question is either a bug, or by design only dev can answer this for sure.

  • Thanks for the answer. And -100 is caused by this bounty. Do you know whether or not the bounty reassignment affect Community♦'s reputation? – Rob W Dec 26 '11 at 18:21
  • No problem.. I think it does affect the reputation but in general the reputation of that account is volatile thing, for all I know maybe the developers are messing with it manually sometimes for their own tests. :) – Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating Dec 26 '11 at 18:24

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