I can see buttons to Add and Update my repos with my profile... but no where to remove them.

I think users should be given the ability to remove repositories from their public profile after they have added them.


It appears the button does exist, just not in a sensible area (imo). So, I will change my request to make this button more visible (I like Tims idea below).


From the main edit view of your profile, click the edit link underneath the project you want to remove:

edit link

Then in the right-hand corner, click the remove link to remove the project from your profile:

remove link

It'd probably be nice if this option was available on the GitHub repositories page as well, as an additional button on the right-hand side, or as a link next to where it tells you that the project is already listed on your profile:

remove link mock-up

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  • Good stuff... I am 100% in agreement this needs to be more visible to the user. – rlemon Jan 3 '12 at 19:32

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