Personally, I think we need to distinguish between unanswered questions and unsolved questions. Questions with answers are not unanswered, but could be unsolved if the answers are poor.


I agree there is a semantic difference, and there is a corresponding display difference (0 answers and red box vs N answers and green box). However, from a use case perspective, I believe grouping them together under the same tag is preferable. If the user wants to personally be more selective, the visual indicators are there to allow for that.

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    It's not about semantics, if I receive totally useless answers I would like to tag the question like unanswered or unsolved and have the question on top, like the new and unanswered questions so others can help solve the problem – Paul Sep 4 '09 at 6:34
  • It makes no sense to re-post the question losing the history of the bad answers. – Paul Sep 4 '09 at 6:35
  • I like the idea of "My question is still active because I haven't received a suitable answer" tag. – Zachary Scott Feb 8 '10 at 21:35
  • It makes sense to re-post a question in a different manner to get a suitable answer without losing all your reputation doing it. Sometimes, good meanings are lost to bad interpretations. – Zachary Scott Oct 26 '10 at 19:09

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