Somewhat curious. Regarding sometimes no edit button on new questions. Is Jeff correct here ** or am I missing something?

I found this duplicate but I am not sure I really understand. questions/81681/why-dont-i-see-an-edit-button-under-questions.

I have noticed that sometimes I find new questions (1 - 3 minutes old) that has no edit button. According to above it seems that. The answer to this could be that **"3 There is an edit to a particular post that was not approved yet. ". But then again. I have tried to edit questions where. When I have edited the qw it says something like your edit could not be accepted because someone else has already edited the qw. Your edit will only be accepted if it is a more substantial edit.


Yes it's because another user with less than 2000 reputation already hit the edit link and suggested an edit.

The "your edit could not be accepted because someone else has already..." message might appear in the following scenario:

  1. User with 2K and above rep clicks the edit first and starts editing the post.
  2. You click the edit and start editing.
  3. The first user finishes his edit and submits.
  4. Voila! You got the above alert.
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