I am participating in the private beta for a new stack exchange site. I entered the automatically created chat room to make myself available to help discuss site issues, flag/edit questions, help new users, etc.

This room has no owners. I guess these rooms are created automatically with new beta sites now? How can an owner be added? Who gets to be the owner?

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You'll need to ask a moderator to grant someone the owner privileges. At least that's what I did when Skeptics was a new site and I wanted to add a meta question feed to the chat room.

With the large number of moderators we have now there is a high chance that one of the users of the new site already is a moderator and can appoint room owners. If that isn't the case and a room owner is needed, you can flag for moderator attention in chat (not the spam/offensive flag). For most stuff you don't need a room owner, so it doesn't matter that much if you don't have one.

There is also an automatic way that users can become room owners I think, but I have no idea how that one works.


If a room has no active owners, it will, given time, automatically appoint users it deems active enough.


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