I've noticed that the dotted line (when hovering over a chat message) is 'broken' by the white background of the timestamp div.

styling issue in chat

So I tried to figure out what was causing this and I thought I had a fix. Add: top: 1px; to .monologue .timestamp and change div.message .meta { right: 3px; } to div.message .meta { right: 1px; }. Which seemed to work at first glance. So I logged in to SO using IE9 and that also fixed the issue there. So to be sure I booted up FF9 and went to chat without logging in only to find out that the issue is even 'messier' when you aren't logged in:

styling issue in chat when not logged in

So my first fix wouldn't be a real solution since the timestamp is just getting hidden by placing a background over it. But I still think we can add the:

.monologue .timestamp { top: 1px; }

This way the space above the timestamp div will be the same as the space of the right of the the timestamp div (7px). I know this sound like 'pixel fucking' and it is :-), but why not fix it while fixing the real issue. To resolve the real issue why not just set display: none or visibility: hidden on the timestamp div when hovering over a message on chat (instead of hiding it behind a background)?

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