Is it possible to tag multiple questions at the same time? If not, should this feature be added?

I've wanted to do this several times when I do a search for a topic, and many of the matches do not have a certain important tag, but should.

For example, a search for "boost asio -[boost-asio]" returns a lot of questions that are extremely specific (not just perpherially related) to boost::asio, and should have the [boost-asio] tag. Adding the tag to each of them individually is possible, but it would be less daunting if there was a way to mark the appropriate questions from the search results and tag them all at once. (Even if this is a bad example for some reason, hopefully you get the idea).

I'm anticipating arguments that this shouldn't be possible because it would make it too easy for people to mistag things in batch. In that case, I'd argue that it similarly also makes it easier for people to fix things in batch, and should only be available for folks with high enough privileges that we should trust them anyway.


Although I like the idea, I think there are a few problems that make it impractical.

  • What do you do with questions that already have five tags?
  • How do you handle the homepage flooding that would result from this type of mass editing?
  • How can you determine, without looking at the question, that the tag you think fits is really what the question is about?
  • How do you go about fixing a massive retag that's erroneous? (Massive rage-quit damage possible, unless there's some tight controls and roll-back possibilities.)

In your specific case for , a tag merge first would clear things up a tiny bit ( refers to the same thing).

Also looking at the first fifteen results for the search you suggest:

  • Some don't contain either which could be an issue (or not)
  • Ten already have and

The next pages start getting irrelevant. Around page 7 you get questions not really related to asio.

Even with a "finer" search like +boost +asio -[boost-asio] -[asio] in:question, you still get https://stackoverflow.com/questions/374147/what-is-boost-missing * for instance. That should not get 'd. So you should at least glance at each question anyway.

So, if you're on a retag mission, I do believe advertising it here if there's just too much stuff for one person is the best way.

* Funny this is still open

  • Thanks for the good analysis of impacts if this feature were to be added. I still think this feature would be useful in some cases, but you've at least convinced me that I can live without it. =) – wjl Jan 29 '12 at 20:07

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