Since 2500 reputation is well out of reach, I am writing to suggest a merge of
, , and .

With google-tables just getting deleted (since both current posts also use [fusion-tables])

See also Why does "Suggest Tag Synonyms" require so much rep? I think that 2500 rep is way too high for merge requests: many cases of tag merges are easy, clear, compelling, and helpful.

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Since looks like a sponsored tag, I retagged all current to . (Something that you can also do via the suggested edit process.)

After a few days of no use, should drop out and not be usable until recreated, again, by a user with 1500 rep.

(Note that there are currently no users (except mods and devs) who have both 2500 rep and a 5 score in the tag. That is, who can propose synonyms.)

It's not clear to me that all are also .

Update: Upon closer inspection, retagged all but 2 of the questions (and voted to close 1 of those 2).

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