I have 8k on Gaming, and was sitting in The Bridge when I suddenly saw a blue chat notification. It was different from the usual yellow "Someone is replying to you" notification, so I clicked on it.

To my surprise, it was a spam/offensive flag for something on Ask Ubuntu.

I was under the impression that that was something that only happened at 10k, or if you were a moderator?

I have been over 8k for a while, but this is the first time I have seen a flag like this. I checked under the list of privileges, and there is no mention of being able to see these flags before 10k (unless I am just missing something).

Is this a bug? Or have I been granted new abilities that I just never noticed?


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Privileges on chat.stackexchange.com are based on the sum of your reputation across all Stack Exchange sites, not your reputation on a specific site. In your chat profile you can see that this adds up to 10489 reputation1, allowing you to see chat flags.

1 This is slightly less than the sum of the reputation scores visible in your profile because chat doesn't sync in real-time.

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