With the Data Explorer, when using "strongly-typed" integer parameters in the form of ##VariableName:int##, you can't enter negative values. When attempting to do so, you get an error message:

Expected value of VariableName to be a int!

You can try this for yourself; I noticed this while composing a simple "worst answers" query with a user-supplied cutoff score. Attempting to enter negative scores causes this error, while values of 0 and above work. (Don't try this at home Stack Overflow, kids!)

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Yeah, it seems that the numeric typed (both int and float) parameters never accepted negative values. I've gone ahead and updated the value checks to allow this, so now your example works in my local environment.

I imagine that this was just an overlooked use case, so hopefully it'll be pulled and Data Explorer updated soon, unless waffles had a reason for this being the way it was.

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