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Why can't I suggest edits on SE meta sites?

See also this question on meta.tex.sx: I have a rep of 1843 on tex.sx. Yet I get no edit button on questions like this, only a retag one. If I manually edit the link (replacing edit?tagsonly=true with edit), I get the usual suggested edit dialog (I haven't tested if the dialog really works). It seems the software offers only the retagging but allows the suggested edit anyway. Can we have both buttons, please?

Edit: I tested the edit dialog: It doesn't complain, but I also get no feedback about a suggested edit, so it seems the software properly throws the edit away.


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As was once explained to me at Programmers meta, suggested edits are intentionally disabled at meta:

This is . Suggested edits are disabled on meta sites, so you will need to have 2,000 reputation before you will see the edit link on other people's posts. The only exception is Meta Stack Overflow which functions as a meta for all Stack Exchange sites and has its own reputation pool.

See here for Jeff Atwood's explanation of the rationale behind that decision.


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