I've noticed that I don't always get a reply notification. I think this is because the end user isn't always hitting the Space bar after the "@" auto-complete function is enacted.

That is, when replying to someone, hitting the @ sign and then a couple letters, you will get that little "pop-up" that shows the auto-complete name. Pressing Tab completes the user's name, but it places the cursor directly behind the last character, so that if they don't press the Space bar before typing the reply, it messes up the user name and no reply is received:

@LarsTechYou never answered me...

Yes, the end user should be a little more careful.

But it seems like a simple little enhancement to just add a space after auto-completing the name so that the cursor is already in position to start typing the actual message and it helps avoid the inadvertent missed reply.

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    I needthat featureon mycomputer keyboardalso. – Robert Harvey Feb 16 '12 at 21:49

No, thanks. For one, I like to use a comma, which is perfectly supported too:

  • Single trailing punctuation such as a dot, comma or colon is ignored, like @name, yes works, but @name... no does not.

Some others prefer a colon.

And I often end a comment with @name if the comment is not just for that user, but I still want to trigger a notification:

This implies that I have to delete an automatic space here, @LarsTech.

Adding a space implies that people who do type carefully need to delete that. To me, though the advantage is for the one being notified, that feels like favoring those who don't care about formatting.

  • Fair argument. I didn't think about other punctuations. – LarsTech Feb 17 '12 at 12:50

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