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Do old usernames stick to CW posts by design?

I noticed what I thought was a funny username on a CW post on meta:

badp's sockpuppet?

However, when I checked the revision history for the post, I discovered that the user's username does not in fact contain the text "'s sockpuppet".

Where did the embellishment come from?

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    The user had changed their name at one point to "badp's sockpuppet" as a joke, then changed it back to "badp". Community Wiki posts aren't very good about keeping up with a users name changes, getting stuck on what the name was when the post was made/edited. – gnostradamus Feb 27 '12 at 21:39
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    Kind of a boring reason, once you find out... good eye, though. – Pops Feb 27 '12 at 21:40
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    @gnostradamus: That's what badp wants us to believe! – Time Traveling Bobby Feb 28 '12 at 8:12