The reputation page under a profile now has a "Show removed posts" tick box, which allows you to hide the "removed" activity on votes.

However, it doesn't hide the actual vote cast on the deleted post, which, for me, is nonsensical.

If I untick "Show removed posts", I expect all activity on removed posts to be hidden from my reputation page.

I.e currently if I have "Show removed posts" ticked, I see a downvote and a removal of a downvote (as the post was deleted);

enter image description here

If I then untick "Show removed posts", only the removal is hidden;

enter image description here

What I would expect to happen however, is for both the downvote and the removal to be hidden; I'm indicating I want to hide removed posts... so I want to hide all activity on them.


This makes sense, given the totals don't add up otherwise...when "show removed posts" isn't checked we now hide both post deletions and the votes that went with that post.

  • Nick, this is the same case, I think you've just killed two birds with one stone. – Martin. Mar 9 '12 at 11:30

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