The Roblox proposal on Area51 has a component commitment score of 42% (though an overall commit score of only 5%, owing to having only 5 committed followers who have scored more than 200 on SE sites other than Area51). Click on the "more info" at the bottom of the blue panel in the top-right corner to see the commitment component scores.

The calculation of the component commitment score is apparently:

UserScore = SUM(Reputation >= 200 ? 0.233 * ln(Reputation-101) - 0.75 : 0) + 1.5

How can those 5 users have amassed enough commitment points to bring the Roblox component commitment score to 42%?


The formula applies to all committers, not just the 5 with reputation over 200. Further, the SUM represents the sum of scores for each of the sites a committer with 200+ rep participates on. So, all committers except five would contribute "1.5" to the commitment score and the rest would have a variable contribution depending on their rep across the sites they participate on.

I haven't run the numbers, but it seems plausible that you'd arrive at 42% after considering all of the committers to the proposal. (There's also the commitment decay to account for, but that'd bring the number down, if anything.)

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    Assuming the stated formula is correct, only 5 users (the 5 with scores equal to or greater than 200 on any site) would have a non- constant "UserScore" ((Reputation >= 200 ? <calc> : 0) + 1.5). The sheer number of committers could account for the relatively high commitment score. – user149432 Mar 14 '12 at 20:29
  • @MarkTrapp Yeah, you're right - only the 200+ five would have contributed something other than 1.5 to the score. I'll make that clearer in the answer. – Adam Lear Mar 14 '12 at 20:49

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