When I click on a user's name or gravatar in the chat interface, I get a popup with a number of options. The top two are always:

  • user profile
  • user profile on (<chat user's parent site>)

Frequently, though, I need to access the user's profile on the site the room belongs to.

For instance, on The Bridge, someone might ask a question about their profile on Gaming. If their parent user isn't a Gaming user, though, I can't get directly to their Gaming profile from the chat interface. I have to either go to the Gaming site and find them, or I have to click through to their parent profile and then look through the associated accounts to find their account on the site.

Is there some way to get a third entry in this list, which would link directly to the user's profile on the site that owns the chat room, if such a site and profile exists?

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As I mention here, we're planning to move the "parent user" idea more to the background. It's not yet clear what precisely we're going to change around here, but I imagine it being based around these two concepts:

  • Your chat.se account is attached to your network account, not a particular site account. In your case, your chat parent user would be Stack Exchange user 1026765, not gaming.se user 13845.

    We may (but this is one of the areas that still has to be looked at) still have the notion of a "main" site account in some way or the other, but it will be less important and less prominent than it is at the moment.

  • In a particular room, users should be considered more in the context of the room's parent site, not the user's (of course with some sort of fallback for the case that the room isn't attached to a particular site, like The Assembly, or that the user doesn't have an account on the rooms site).

    This is where your request comes in – in fact, I would argue that Tim's answer makes sense; in a chemistry.se chat room, the most important site account is the Chemistry account.

Once again, not all details of these changes are drawn out yet, but big picture-wise, they will indeed (at least to an extent) include what you're requesting.

  • From Laura's edit I understand it's not planned for immediate action anymore, but any update nonetheless? Jan 5, 2016 at 15:30

In fact, why not remove the parent user link completely? I don't really think it's that useful. On Chem.SE chat, I want to see the chem.SE profiles of the users. I don't care about their profiles elsewhere. Since the parent user site favicon is shown on the usercard anyway, why not link it to the parent user site profile? That way, a more useful link is up front, and a less useful one is kept, but made less prominent.

Current (on chem.SE chat):

enter image description here


enter image description here

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