Currently, moderators get an inbox message for each new post submitted to a per-site meta they moderate, SO excluded.

I would like to have that, please.

The reason is, I like to know what's going on. I usually read all of meta anyway, when I notice that there's something new, so I figure I might as well get notified about it as soon as it happens.

And there's already a system that delivers new meta posts to certain inboxes.

(This might not be a good idea for MSO in particular though, at least until the possible split.)

  • This sounds like a good idea, probably right up until you have it. There are a lot of boring and uninteresting questions on Meta, like "why has my account been banned even though I only posted 5 spam responses--I promise to do better next time!" and "why has this question been closed/deleted?" Mar 18, 2012 at 7:47
  • @CodyGray I guess that depends on which meta you're looking at. Obviously nobody would subscribe to MSO as it is. Looking at the first page of this one, I can see a grand total of 2 uninteresting "where did this question/my rep go" type questions. And those are to be expected really, because an entire tag was recently purged, along with 600(!) questions.
    – a cat
    Mar 18, 2012 at 11:05