As a result of the ability to "reject" a migration (through certain types of closure on the target site, or deletion on the target site), answers will be undeleted on the source site when a migration is rejected.

However, answers that are not deleted before the question is migrated are undeleted as well.

Take this example on Stack Overflow (links 10K only):

migration and rejection

However, take this answer, which was deleted before migration took place:

answer deleted before migration

Which did not appear on the target site:

deleted answer deleted on target site

However, when the migration is rejected, the answer is undeleted.

Furthermore, if the question is deleted after the migration is rejected and then undeleted, the answer that was originally deleted gets undeleted (which is what I would expect when the migration is rejected).

So it seems that a check needs to be performed to make sure that answers that are deleted when migrated remain deleted when that migration is rejected.

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Hmmm, the error here is not that they were undeleted, that was only a symptom. If you look close, those deleted-before-migration answers were getting migration history though they weren't migrated. Since the "what do we undelete?" check has to key off this, it caused problems there.

The generation of migration history on answers that weren't really migrated will be fixed in the next build.


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