I was pleased to note that events such as unupvotes are not shown in the rep graph. On exploring further, I noticed that it only shows up when I view it on my phone and not on my desktop. Am I missing something?

Example - note upvote-unupvote-upvote on 23rd March.

Viewing from my iPhone:

unuvotes shown in mobile version

Viewing on Firefox 10.0.2 (Ubuntu):

no teh unupvotez

p.s. On a side note, are votes/unuvotes rate-limited or subject to a grace period? Or can a milicious user flood someone's rep page by repeated toggling? I lack the nads to try it out myself.


As @Mystical pointed out, consequtive toggling of votes are hidden to avoid unnecessary verbosity and trolling activities. So this question boils down to why is the mobile version not doint the same? Is it a bug, or by design?


See this question: New reputation is too verbose: upvote/unupvote, upvote again

Originally, the main site had the same "problem". That is: users double-clicking on the arrows causing the votes to "bounce". That was changed so that these vote reversals are merged on no longer show up in the rep page.

But I guess the mobile site hasn't gotten as much attention from the devs?

  • Ahh.. Thanks. Missed that. – Shawn Chin Mar 29 '12 at 11:16

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