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Could you reload MathJax on clicking the review question link in the review section? It sort of defeats the "stay on this page and review" purpose of the review section if you have to open the page in a new tab to review it.

It's understandable if half-displayed math is not rendered (second freehand circle in picture), but it really ought to load/fix itself after the "review" link is clicked.

Enter image description here

Note: IMO, this does slow down review speed :/

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    We're not ignoring this...we just have larger plans here and it'll be addressed as part of that, stay tuned. Our best engineers (so definitely not me) are on it! Jun 11, 2012 at 10:33

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This doesn't answer the question, but it's a viable workaround:

ChatJax is pretty useful in this case--just click the bookmarklet every time you load a page with math in the review section.

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