Questions like looking for css templates, blog templates, icons ... In general, resources (let's leave the licensing terms aside for now) which you might need when building a project of your own. Where should those questions go?

They're definitely not on-topic on Stack', SuperUser maybe although I doubt it. Webapps? Hmm, probably not.

Is there a place where they would be on-topic on the SE network?

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  • Resource requests are off-topic on most SE sites. Not sure if there exists an except that would apply here. – dmckee Apr 4 '12 at 17:12

Is there a place where they would be on-topic on the SE network?


Unfortunately "list questions" which ask where someone can find a good X are not really on topic for any Stack Exchange site. In fact, the community is quite clear in their dislike for such content :)

The main problem with these questions is that they tend to lead to long lists—with lots of concomitant noise—and are constantly out of date.

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    The community has also made it quite clear that they are not entirely opposed to "list good stuff" kind of questions, as we all know from the infamous C++ book list question (or should I say incident?). – Domi Dec 6 '13 at 7:51

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