Choosing profiles for combined flair

I love the feature, but I'd like to decide which sites to include, in the same way I can decide which sites to show on my profile on Careers.

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I agree. If I, or anybody else, has a blog about a certain topic (to use one example), I'm going to want a flair that only shows certain sites that are related to that topic. If I was blogging about being a webmaster, for example, I would want to show my profiles on webmasters.se, ux.se, and SO, but not meta.so, area51, skeptics.se, etc.

  • Ah, so you're saying you even want different flairs for different usage scenarios, like for the site-specific flairs one can choose a color scheme with some URL parameters. I guess that's easier implemented than some user setting. (Of course, then users could create many flairs with different combinations of sites, each of them needing some server processing time, but I guess only a few would.) – Arjan Jun 17 '12 at 9:51

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