I just happened to notice this case study (archived), published two years ago. It explains how Stack Overflow is using ASP.NET MVC to gain high performance, fast development and easier testing and code maintenance.

All good and very dandy, but who wrote this? I couldn't find any reference for author.

Has the author personally interviewed Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, or used information available online?

Last, but not least, is there any way to update the information on that page?

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    I think this is a question for Microsoft, not Meta Stack Overflow... – yannis Apr 9 '12 at 8:13
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    Said Yahoo... lol.... – Lix Apr 9 '12 at 8:15
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    @Yeah but it's related to Stack Overflow as well. Know it's in the gray zone, but trying my luck. :-) – Shadow9 Apr 9 '12 at 8:16
  • Scott Hanselman of Microsoft (and all-around good guy :) is checking into this. – Jarrod Dixon May 4 '12 at 3:24
  • @JarrodDixon huge thanks, looks like you just called the cavalry! If Scott will be successful in his little investigation he surely deserve to get bumped over 1K rep at last. :-) – Shadow9 May 4 '12 at 22:00
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    @Jarrod any updates? I will take "No, the information is not available" as an answer too. :) – Shadow9 Jul 2 '12 at 12:27
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    @kenorb thanks for fixing the link! – Shadow9 Mar 18 '16 at 23:10

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