I've been playing around in the tag wiki/tag synonym area recently on SO, and tried to combine recommend the tag --> synonym. Imagine my surprise, when I saw...

already proposed

With the help of a little search box, I discovered:

old tag synonym

These tag synonym requests

  1. Are old.
  2. Have Low vote count / no vote count.
  3. Are (in my opinion) incorrect. is the old name of , and questions pertaining to one may not pertain to the other.

I would like to leave alone, but I would also like to propose the synonym stated above.

As I do not have a score of 5 in flexbuilder, I cannot even vote these down, in the hopes that someone else in the future finishes them off. However, that's a completely different issue.

  1. Is there any method by which tag synonym requests decay?
  2. If not, can it be implemented?
  3. Or can we get a 'flag for moderator attention' button on tag synonyms?


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