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Introduce a “general reference” close reason

Sometimes, questions are closed because they are just too basic (like this one). It happens pretty often -- people either fail to search before they ask or just lack some fundamental understanding of whatever programming language they're asking a question about.

There seems to be a general sense on SO and other SE sites that questions should have some basic level of non-triviality. So as far as I can tell, it is appropriate to close such questions.

The current list of reasons, however, doesn't really describe the reason for closing such a question:

  • Exact Duplicate? -- sometimes matches, if we're lucky, not always.
  • Off Topic? -- no, technically they are e.g. programming questions on SO.
  • Not constructive? -- not in the sense of there being any chance of sparking a debate or being subjective, which is the intended sense of that reason. It is "not constructive" in the sense that it's unlikely to add value because of how trivial it is.
  • Not a real question? -- sometimes appropriate, but the above example, "what does return -1 mean?" is certainly a real question with a real answer.
  • Too localized? -- not really. These are usually basic questions about widely used features.

So is it a good idea to add another reason to that list to capture this "too basic" category? Has this been discussed before? (I looked but didn't find anything.)

Or, am I completely wrong and the trivial questions should stay open?