These tags both refer to the Facebook JavaScript SDK

has 800
has 84 and no tag info

Instead of bumping up these questions with tag edits, could be made the master?

  • +1. If I could suggest/vote this synonym, I would. May 18, 2012 at 11:51

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The tags have been merged and synonymized.

Merge Results

updating post history, 184 rows affected
updating posts, 164 rows affected
updating PostTags associations, 144 rows affected
removing/renaming old tag, 0 rows affected
updating count for master tag, 1 rows affected
tag remapping of [facebook-javascript-sdk] and [facebook-jssdk] complete!
remapping 0 synonyms
8 favorite and ignored tags remapped!
Tag Synonym facebook-jssdk -> facebook-javascript-sdk was approved!
Broadcasting tag-engine reload


I have just asked a question about the Facebook JavaScript SDK and was about to propose this change myself when I noticed your question. However, I also noticed that the tag now does have a tag wiki excerpt, which is identical to that of .

I think this is just going to lead to further confusion when tagging a question - I chose the "facebook-javascript-sdk" tag purely because it has more questions (1027). "facebook-jssdk" has 147.

I do not have the required upvotes in those tags to propse the synonym, so hopefully someone else can get this done.

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