The text version of email notifications have only the first tag listed. Random example from my mail box below -- note the "Tagged: list".

[How is the value of (list 'quote '5) = ''5 rather than '(quote 5) or

It seems that Common Lisp does treat (list 'quote 'x) in a special way.
For example, the value of (list 'oddp '5) is '(oddp 5) while the value
of (list 'quote '5) is ''5. In other words, the quote ...

Tagged: list

by [anonemba](http://stackoverflow.com/users/1343628/anonemba) on
  • Anyone? These emails are really much less useful, and it sounds like something that is easy to fix. – Eli Barzilay Apr 30 '12 at 20:57

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