At home i like the new feature that new questions are displayed asynchronously. A link with the number of new questions is shown at the top. If i click it, the new questions will be loaded. They are also shown earlier compared to refreshing the page via F5 or CTRL+F5.

But it doesn't work at another computer, they are not shown at all. What can be the reason?


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This may be because:

  1. The version of FireFox you're running does not support WebSockets. The system does not offer backwards compatability for older browsers [citation needed]

  2. You have a proxy/ firewall/ <insert another filtering device> in place which block WebSockets from been used (i.e. a spin-off of My corporate proxy doesn't support web sockets, which makes Stack Exchange a pain to use or Getting authentication prompt for sockets.ny.stackexchange.com on every page load?)


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