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Data from the Stack Exchange Data Explorer are obsolete

I'm just now exploring Data Explorer (for Stack Overflow) and I wrote a simple query to see how many questions I asked. I get 8 rows as result, but on my Stack Overflow account there are 10 questions.

Why is the information on Data Explorer not consistent with the actual data on Stack Overflow?

PS: I used this query: select ViewCount, Title from Posts where PostTypeId=1 and OwnerUserId=995822 (995822 is my user ID).

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Data Explorer doesn't use data that is updated in real time. Once, its data was updated every X month; now, it's updated every Sunday, at 3:00 AM UTC.

If you look at https://data.stackexchange.com/, you will see when the data was updated last time. For example, in the following screenshot, it says it has been updated 7 hours ago.


  • data.stackexchange.com/help now says "How often is the Stack Exchange Data Explorer updated? The data is updated early every Sunday morning around 3:00 UTC." – Ryan Sep 2 '18 at 15:47

Read the about page:

The Stack Exchange trilogy data dumps are hosted at ClearBits!. You can subscribe via RSS and be notified every time a new dump is available.

Short story, it's not realtime data.

  • This answer is outdated and no longer valid. – rene Sep 3 '18 at 17:59

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