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New users can't ask for clarifications except as answers

Today is my first day using stackoverflow and as such I cannot yet comment - as you need 50 rep points to do so. As such adding answers is my only way to communicate, that I know of.

How would you suggest I interact with the question-asker and prompt for further information without being lambasted by those that have said 50 rep?

(This questions has no newbie or faq or question tag; new is the most appropriate tag I could find - I'd need 1500 rep create a new tag)

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Attempt to answer the question making educated guesses on the information that is missing.

You must state all of the things that you are assuming and when/if the OP decides to give some more info, you can always update your post.

  • For example - if the OP is asking about a certain jQuery function but "forgot" to include a sample of the HTML markup they are using, invent your own markup and give your answer based on that.

  • Another example - if the OP "forgot" to specify what language they are using (but you can safely assume that he is using web technologies), give an answer in JavaScript.