I recently answered this question which was originally asked on Stack Overflow. I asked for it to be migrated to math.stackexchange, but it was accidentally migrated to Mathematica. From there, it was moved to Mathematics.

I don't have a Mathematica account, so when the question was migrated back to Mathematics (where I do have an account), the question was no longer linked to my main account and doesn't show up under my list of answers.

Is this deliberate? Is this a bug? Is there a way I can get that question added back to my account? I'm not interested in the rep points as much as being able to more easily pull this answer up if I find something similar later on.

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    That's an interesting case. I think bad migrations like that are supposed to be reversed, so probably this was never planned for.
    – user154510
    May 2, 2012 at 16:54


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