Today I got two downvotes on Stack Overflow. Then, the 21st upvote of the day got me another 4 points to the repcap, with +245 for the day and 25,956 total. Some time later, one of the downvotes was removed.

Now the reputation in the top bar and on my profile shows 25,954, the reputation tab in my profile shows +247 for the day, the dropdown from the topbar +243.

/reputation correctly adjusted the 21st upvote to count +2 and reports +245 for the day, 25,956 total as it should, so a recalc will fix it. Nevertheless, perhaps someone wants to look into it.

  • Something similar happened to me on Super User on May 1. One of the upvotes just wouldn't stick. – Dennis May 3 '12 at 3:18

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